About wet bed, “guilty” dog and myths about “the revenge”...

The realities of canisterapy

The Realities of Animal Assisted Interventions with Dogs in Ukraine: Dog is an Instrument and the Child is an experiment?

Image of the “enemy”

The next type of aggression on which we should stop – so called critical aggression: fear for your own survival, self-preservation, self-defense.

The basis and driving force of this subspecies of aggression is Fear.


Vestibular training

Early socialization of the puppy is divided into eight ranges: physical, tactile, sonic, psychological, gustatory, visual, social and scent development.



What do you think the dog's success in the ring depends on most?


Someone puts inborn anatomy in the first place, others emphasize the work of the handler.


And very rarely the conversation begins with the dog's mood, its self-confidence, the interest and pleasure from the rings – that, what should be our main and top priority...



Ukraine, Lviv. Born in 1977.

The Head of the vocational school for social cynology, handling, animal psychology and raising dog owners “Harmonic Dog”

 FCI-UKU judge, UKU breeder-cynologist, owner of the "Lemberh Chau" kennel. Today is the owner of four dogs Chow Chow breed.

 Taking part in cynology since 1992...