About wet bed, “guilty” dog and myths about “the revenge”...


Lviv, 2018

© Oleksandra Beregovenko
The School of Social Cynology “ Harmonic Dog ”


Dogs are one of the most desirable animals living next to us. It is inherent in them to watch the purity of their lair from an early age. And if the necessary walk and care is provided - the dog will do everything to keep the core of his family clean.


But still, sometimes I hear the question: "Why did my dog make a puddle on the couch, and hid behind it with a guilty look?"


The question is simple, thus at the same time rather complicated.


To solve the problem of "impurity" of some of our dogs, I suggest you to take a look at the possible causes in detail.


The difference between the communication of dogs and people lays not only in the characteristics of visual or acoustic communication, but also that chemo-communication is one of the most important sources of information for the dog, and the minimal, practically not developed way of communicating to the human society.


Unlike dogs, we are not able to "read" the information from the urine of other types of organisms. Our scent is not sufficient for the analysis of the smell of hormones and other substances, and what is more, we are not able to come to further complex analytical conclusions.


But dogs successfully use both their own as well as unfamiliar smells to exchange various information, mark the territory, show hormonal status, warn about intentions, or ask for help.


For all dogs urine and defecation are important in everyday communication with the outside world.


Why did the dog start to leave the puddles at home, when they had never done this before?


There is no point in talking about "vengeance", "domination", "harm" or the desire to "spoil" !


Everything that the animal does has simple physiological or psychological foundations, without complex human "behind-the-scenes games". And what might look like "jealousy" or "insult" is in fact the classical manifestation of the instinct of self-preservation: the protection of their most important needs or the desire to avoid conflicts.


Therefore, if you suddenly saw a puddle in the middle of a carpet, it's most important to understand what was the main cause: physiology or psychology.


First of all physiological reasons should be excluded. It is not humane and senseless to berate or "bring up" a dog that does not succumb, or has some kind of illness in the chronicle.


Therefore, the most common PHYSIOLOGICAL reasons due to which dogs defecate in the unusual and unacceptable places:


- a young age when the puppy is not yet capable of controlling its physiological needs;


- inflammatory processes of genitourinary organs;


- some diseases of the internal organs;


- injuries;


- physiological aging of an organism;


- Acceptable physiological manifestations during the period and pregnancy.


From my experience, those make up the majority of all cases of impurity in domestic dogs.


Therefore, the owner must exclude them before looking for something deeper or talking about "bad behavior".


The best way to understand the state of health of your pet is by taking it to veterinarian and the diagnostic laboratory.


And until you are completely convinced that the dog is physically healthy - it's a big mistake to berate or use other "educational" methods.


If veterinarians claim that with the health of the dog everything is alright, the next step is to begin to look for the PSYCHOLOGICAL roots of the problematic behavior of a pet.


In nature, the dog leaves marks, puddles and feces for someone to convey information about themselves, their physical and mental state, various desires and vital intentions.


Unfortunately, our pets are convinced that people are also able to read scenic information easily, just like dogs.


Therefore, the dog, in communicating with a person, uses his own natural methods without understanding their ineffectiveness. And precisely the dog does not expect to receive frustration, anger or punishment as an answer from the owner.


Let's look at the main PSYCHOLOGICAL causes of puddles in your home:


• Information on the fear of all kinds: from fear of loneliness to various phobias;


• Information from dogs to strangers or other comrades about the life status, their own territory or the family of the family in which the dog lives;


• Request for help with any illness or problem;


• Psychological discomfort, stress, chronic overload;


• Information on hormonal sex status.




Pay attention to where your dog left the puddle. Typically, the mark will be most closely aligned with the favorite place of the person to whom this information is assigned.


If this is the bed of a child - "conversation" is conducted with her or her mother.


If this is a favorite host, it is the addressee of the letter.


If the wet linen of another dog or cat - most likely - you are here to nothing - these are their "internal business".


If the carpet is wet in the middle of the room, or a lot of puddles are in the central part of the apartment - the dog is trying to "talk" with all family members.


Provided that your dog was forced to leave the puddle, because he could not resist waiting for a walk - he would choose the most obscure place, remote and hidden from the usual sight.


Analyze what could be the reason for the dog's "uncleanness" - eliminate that reason - and the problem will be solved!

Until you find the right answer - a closed circle of dog’s attempts to "talk" with you and "punishment" from your side will be endless.


Considering the "dominance", which can be heard in the cynologic talks between the owners:


When dogs want to show their hormonal status and be "higher" in the eyes of a potential competitor or partner, they can cover others’ marks with their own.


But in such mark there is one feature: always made over the marks of others. Therefore, if the dog left the puddle on your pillow, the chance that he "dominates" over you is close to zero.


But if a single dog, made over someone's mark, then after that he began to dig the land with his paws – we talk about a clear territorial application or explicit intentions of sexual dominance and "stanching" before potential "ladies of the heart".


If a friend came to you with a dog and your favorite meticulously noticed the door to the kitchen - a direct hint: "This is mine - you know your place!"


If a small puppy leaves the puddle when he meets you at the door - this is part of the normal natural ritual of greeting the weaker to the strong. With age, as the puppy grows up, it will change. Warning! Such an act of obedience in an adult dog is not a good sign.


When a young dog while meeting a stranger falls on his back and secretes urine, is also a norm, but also only to a certain psychological age. Such act of obedience of an adult dog will be seen only in the presence of someone they are afraid of.


Dogs that are rarely, little, or not regularly walked by the owners, are often defecate in the apartment and even the room in which they live. This is especially true for breeders and owners of small breeds, which people usually do not hurry to make used to the street, because the puddles left for the puppies are very small, and it is easier to change diaper than to go for a walk every couple of hours. And after skipping the optimal age for learning cleanliness, then it is very difficult to make the dog go out when he needs to pee.


The place where sleep family leaders are the most valuable and untouchable in many ways. Therefore, if the dog suddenly left a "footprint" on your bed, there is something important for your pet: fear, stress, illness, a call for help and protection, strong psychological or physical pressure.


Although the literature also describes isolated cases, when not confident, weak, and dogs that need to be protected leave a mark in the owner's bed. They do it to "drive away" the newly arrived family members or guests from attempts to get too close in a short period of time. Such an action at first glance may look like "jealousy", but in reality it is only an act of protection against possible negative changes in life.


Adult dogs can "dilute" puddle of puppies to show their protection to strangers.


A dog that is afraid of someone from a family or a guest can leave him a mark so that the smell of hormones could tell about fear and tension, warned or stopped a possible conflict.


And vice versa: if a person for a dog is a true leader, and not a ringleader- a dog’s mark can be a call for some help or protection.


In the summer, when the heat and the need for cooling and physiological balance makes animals drink more than usual, some dogs may require to use the bathroom more frequent. Otherwise, they do not restrain themselves till the usual time of walks.


A sick dog informs you about it even earlier than you yourself will see obvious signs of its illness. And if you have not "read" it on the street, the "information" can be moved to a more prominent place in your home.


A change of residence can also take place with a sign of a new territory and things on it.


The emergence of a new member of a family, a dog or cat is often accompanied by a one-time exchange of "wet" information.


Sometimes, if the other methods did not end with the desired result, even a simple desire to attract attention or vice versa - to get rid of a person, becomes an incentive to leave the puddle on your bed.


Do not scold a dog without understanding the reasons for it’s behavior.


Do not use pointless patterned methods of "upbringing".


Show your beloved pet that even if you have congenital problems with the smell, then your mind and adequacy are in a great condition!

The School of Social Cynology “ Harmonic Dog ” Oleksandra Berehovenko, 2018